Jim Mowrer, Politician Focused on Empathy and Philanthropy

September 16, 2020

Jim Mowrer has been a dedicated Iowanian community member for decades. He is a father, philanthropist, veteran, consultant, professor, and much more. Since his early life in the Des Moines area, he was instilled with the importance of being an involved and dedicated member of the community.

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Ableism: the Topic we Need to Talk About (& Never Do)

August 29, 2020

Ableism is not really a hot topic issue in this day and age.

Much work is being done to include people of all races, genders, and more, but in many areas of life, we neglect to involve and include those with disabilities.

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Finding Work Satisfaction as a Veteran

August 28, 2020

Veterans are the population that is perhaps the most inclined towards political careers. Both because every career politician finds service a good mark on his resume, and because general veterans find satisfaction in leadership roles. However, a recent study has shown that Veterans are leaving government jobs faster than any other demographic, resigning almost one and a half times more often.

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