Virtual fundraising is a popular and relatively safe way to raise money. With tremendous activity taking place online, it’s become easier to attract awareness toward an issue and raise money in a short amount of time. Virtual fundraising promises to increase in prominence in the near future.




This type of campaigning involves collecting money from many people using social media or an online platform. What makes crowdfunding potentially successful is that it uses a network to achieve greater awareness of and exposure to a cause. A crowdfunding platform allows organizers to use strategies like livestreaming, giving swag to donors, and telling personal stories to raise money.


One-day Flash Fundraiser Event


Fundraisers can use email, social media, or both to raise money. About one-third of online donations come from email, which makes this approach very useful. To supplement regular emails, organizations can conduct a one-day email or social media sharing event to boost donations. Choosing a holiday or day of symbolic significance can be effective.


Donation Matching Initiative


A matching donation drive is an excellent way to give a boost when donations taper off during a campaign. This drive can work in tandem with a one-day email or social media blast. Organizers can advertise that on a pre-announced day a corporate or major donor will match donations. This announcement can go out in a one-day social media or email blast.


Virtual Gala


When a large fundraising gathering isn’t possible or safe, a livestreamed virtual event is a feasible option. Organizers can make the online event festive by incorporating a silent auction, musical performances, short speeches, and other components. Sponsors can still play a significant part when organizers publicize their names and logos. The fundraising platform also can link to the sponsors’ websites.


Virtual Race or Marathon


Many people enjoy participating in athletic events that have a pro-social rationale. Whether it’s a walk, run, swim, or bike ride, a virtual race can bring in a significant amount of donations. The participants collect pledges from their donors and then take part in the event on their own during a designated period. The platform can allow participants to use social media to update their donors on their progress and success.